Addon Services

VPS Management

1. Initial server setup, configuration and tuning.
2. Software regular update (once a week).
3. Emergency software and core update in case of detection of critical vulnerability.
4. Additional software installation (per customer's request). Software configuration is not included.
5. Assistance in system services tuning and security hardening.
6. 24/7 monitoring of VPS and the services which are run on it. Say, some issue with the server arises - we are here to help with it. This may be a server or its services inaccessibility caused by overload or a situation alike. All but those connected with the website content, request (no more than once a month).
7. Accounts transfer between customer's servers (no more than once a month).
8. Private DNS setup.
9. Analyzing server high load and lve limits over-usage (if there are such).
10. Regular backup creation and its restore/upload if needed.
11. Ensuring expedited responses to your requests, through our ticketing System.

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